‚ÄčKelts Restaurant and Pub

‚ÄčWinter at Kelts

To You, our valued customer,

Winter is our toughest season. There are plenty of distractions; football, hunting, big shopping trips to the big city, stay-at-home holidays and stay-at-home weather ... lots of things that take your time, energy and resources. Because of our very rural location, our customers tend to forget we are here while they are occupied with holiday season busy-ness. During this winter, I'm asking you to please remember to make a trip (or several!) to Kelts for dinner or lunch, especially on the weekends when we feature our very best special dishes.

A Few Great Reasons to Visit Kelts During the Winter Holiday Season Madness:

     ~*~ We present some of our most Classic Kelts dishes in winter... Comfort Food Extraordinaire.

   ~*~  When you're tired of cooking and aren't quite ready for the holiday leftovers, Kelts can tempt the most seasonally-jaded appetite!

     ~*~  It's Soup Season at Kelts ... on weekends, we feature Dan's hearty handmade specialties; French Onion, Crab Bisque, Bacon-Potato and more.

     ~*~ We are open on Mondays, a day that many restaurants are traditionally closed.  All day until 9:00 pm.

     ~*~  We're usually on the road to and from all the major shopping areas. If not, we're worth the the trip to come and see us. Either way!

     ~*~ Making a trip to Altus wineries and liquor stores to stock up for the holiday season?  Great time to stop at Kelts to make the trip a special occasion!

    ~*~  We're often a great half-way place to meet your out-of-town friends!

     ~*~ We make a great spot to entertain your holiday guests ... we cook so you can enjoy your time with your family and friends!

     ~*~ Kelts makes date-night special for lots of reasons, especially because it's much better than competing with the holiday shoppers at the big chains.

     ~*~ With all the holiday hubbub, you deserve a special evening and a great dinner.

Let us be your oasis from the Holiday Crazies. Like everyone else, we need our customers to show us a little love in this stressy time of year. We hope you'll make visits to Kelts a regular part of your winter holiday tradition!  

Happy Holidays from Dan and Jan at Kelts !