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How to Have a Merrier
Christmas 2012

1. Choose one of four Sundays in December ...
9th, 16th, 23rd or 30th
2. Then stop by the pub for lunch or dinner and buy your tickets.
3. Consider a costume.  We encourage Victorian costume (and you will not be alone!) but modern dress is just dandy.
4. Join us for a memorable, merry (and above all ) delicious Victorian Christmas dinner


The year is 1870, and we'll enjoy music from the era, some merry parlor games, some unusual Christmas works of the great Victorian author, Charles Dickens, and a traditional English Christmas surprise for all our guests.
Who knows, perhaps there will be strolling Carolers about, and jolly old Father Christmas might even make an appearance! 
The Most Important Thing ....
The Menu !
Champagne and Sherbet
Oyster Stew
Fish Filet in Chablis Sauce
Sliced Turkey Breast
     & accompaniments
Stout Braised Beef
       & accompaniments
Mixed Green Salad
Plum Pudding
( We will, of course serve the appropriate wines for the course, with Sparkling Cider for those not indulging in alcohol (ahem!) and coffee or tea with the pudding course.
We may well serve ale to the gentlemen with dessert, if the ladies permit.