Dickens Dinner Dress

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You don't have to come in Victorian dress, but if you do, you won't be alone (guaranteed!), and will have more fun. Really. And it's an easy era to costume. If you make any effort at all, you'll fit right in and be admired by everyone.

Queen Victoria reigned from June 20, 1837 to January 22, 1901. That's a little over 63 years of fashion, so there's a lot of style to choose from. We're placing this feast arbitrarily in 1870, so that's a place to start. Earlier or later works just as well.

Charles Dickens wrote from 1833 until 1870, so you might wish to use that as a clue. The internet is chock-full of Victorian dress sites, and there are tons of photographs from the era.

However, costumes need not be complicated or expensive to be wonderful. Ladies, a long skirt, frilly blouse, a fake cameo or some other period costume jewelry and a shawl and you're set. If you have an oriental hand fan that you've had stuffed in a drawer, now is the perfect time to put it to good use. For the gentlemen, you can rest assured that menswear hasn't changed all that much. You can use an old dinner jacket, suit coat or sport coat and a vest with a white shirt and string tie or cravat. Easy.

Or you can go all out wear period costume that is more elaborate. If you do, ladies, please remember that we are a tiny restaurant and hoop skirts might be a problem!

Locally, try any of the antique and collectible stores. Many of them carry very inexpensive costume jewelry that is perfect for the period and some even have clothing or accessories.

In Paris (AR, not France) there is a store that has tons of nice jewels:

Girls 'N Overalls     479-462-1220

   In Alma, north of  Hwy. 40, there's A to Z Bridal . AMAZING deals on men's period style dinner jackets, vests, etc. 

3625 N. Hwy. 71 North
Alma, AR 72921
(479) 632-2656

There are surely others, and don't forget Goodwill Stores, and other resale and consignment shops.

And if you choose not to come in period dress, please choose your dressier modern clothes. Ball gowns are not necessary, but you won't be comfortable in just jeans and a tee-shirt. It's Christmas, after all.

Looking forward to your company, whatever you wear!